what do you guys think about them.

I was ganna buy a MIM tele in a while after i start getting some money in.

but then i came across Agile guitars, there MIK.

what do you guys think about them, are they just as good, I see they use wilkinson trems, are these guitars pretty standard.

Also, what do you guys think about the digitech Hot Rod distortion for a my C30, i want a low budget distortion pedal and its either ganna be the digitech Hot Rod or a DS1, all i have is 30 bucks.

My CM-2 is great to tighten up an already distorted sound, but i want a more wildly distortion to use trough the clean channel.
The only Agile I can comment on is the 7-string Ghost that I bought, and it's definitely a solid-well built instrument, and you're bound to get more for you money with an agile than a lot of other brands. Set-ups and pickup swaps are recommended on some of the lower end stuff, but the overall construction and materials quality seems to be pretty good.

As far as a budget distortion pedal goes, I'd definitely take the DS-1 over anything Digitech, except for the Bad Monkey overdrive, which is a good pedal, but is an OD, not a Distortion.
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yah it is.

i just want something more "arrgh" going trough the clean channel.
Like, a pretty distorted tone? or just some extra grit? If the latter, I'd go with the Bad Monkey if your amp is a tube amp, otherwise, a DS-1 will do the trick.
- Gibson Flying V 120 #1 (White)
- Gibson Flying V 120 #2 (Cherry)
- Gibson SG Standard ('61 style)
- Jackson DK2M

- ENGL Fireball 60
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- Many pedals, plus other stuff
Agile guitars are made in the very same factories as Epiphone guitars, so don't expect anything better than what you'd expect from Epiphone.
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Oh in that case great, epiphones are ****ing great guitars.

If its ganna be the exact same quality and everything then im onboard.

are you dead sure its the same quality for that much cheaper tough.
I LOVE my AL-2000 and Thinline clone from Rondomusic. Awesome place to do business with. Here's pics of mine I purchased:

My only real complaint is that the Tele has jumbo frets which are a bit of work for someone used to playing with a light touch. But I adjusted quickly enough. It's just a lot different then a Fender/Squier neck. But an ash body and maple neck is an amazing tone combo for the price.
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The higher end "Les Paul like" Agiles are very nice and are made in Korea. I haven't been able to try any of the other models. I'm really wanting an Agile AL-3000 or AL-3100 before long. IMO sounds as good as a real Les Paul, quality as good, maybe a slightly darker pickup tone. I think the SX guitars are made in Spain, don't know anything about Douglas.
There is an Agile thread I'd suggest going to. I can vouch for the Agile 2800 baritone and the HRB 200 acoustic...very solid guitars. They play like guitars that cost a few hundred dollars more.
i am too sketched out to by an agile. if you get a good one that seem pretty nice. but just too many people get damaged and ****ed up ones. i mean they are good with returns and stuff but its justa hassle. id rather spend the extra few hundred bucks and get a nice guitar that works.
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