I have recently been building a guitar based on my prs and to my suprise its come out pretty bloody good! though i'm now at the stage where i need to put some pickups in that badboy...so if anyone can advise me on which ones i should look at please do! I'm after a high gain passive pickup for the bridge, nice and crisp sounding and a nice warm tone for thoses high notes during soloing for the neck! both humbuckers and both passive(carnt be arsed with active!!)
any suggestions?
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Bare Knuckle Nailbombs are the best pickups I've ever used, and sound almost exactly what you're looking for
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bare knuckles are highly recommended over there in the UK
I've had a lot of success with DiMarzio
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Yeah, those are probably the 2 best for that kind of tone. I love both of them, although the JB from SD isn't too bad. Just stay away from blackouts and EMG's and you'll be fine.