im the singer, im trying to get my band to play something that i wouldnt mind screaming over. no one is very organized so i wrote this.
Dont judge the drums or bass, i dont play those instruments
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Usually this type of music annoys me but for some reason I liked it except for the riffs at bar 12-13 and bar 43-45 they just came out of nowhere and didn't really fit the song, so maybe you could change that a little or just add a rhythm guitar or make the bass play a faster rhythm behind those riffs

You wrote a pretty interesting song

I don't have anything that you can C4C
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oh sweet thanks for the critiquing!
haha yeah theyre kind of weird but the kids in my band like them so whatevs.
i tried
This is pretty sick, dude. I swear, some of this almost made me **** my pants. >.< The riffs aforementioned by matheupM13 are kinda out of place, but that feeling added to the crazy feeling of this song. You'll have no trouble screaming over this. C4C? Check my sig if you have time. 9/10
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nice discovery, sir.

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i kinda like it, but i definitely think it lacks repetition. you have a load of cool riffs- bar 15, 51, 81, epsecially. i think that other parts dont works so well- bar 32, 59. perhaps take the good riffs and repeat them in there to give the song continuity and a bit of an overall shape.

good ideas in there though. thanks for the crit btw.
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