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I'm just getting into sketching again and gonna start painting soon. Show me your stuff UG

edit: here's my stuff that I did tonight

and one from a little bit ago

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Oh dude. Sketching kicks ass.

I love sketching. Just random doodles... i got some tight **** around here...

Probably the best I've ever done.

Pencil and colored pencil

Blindfolds aside I'd probably still close my eyes

And try to feel a trembling fetal life inside
that shotgun barrel that's about to make me bleed

Like an ulcer in the stomach of the beast

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your sarcasam amuses me

deviantart not ug?

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That's so straight of you.....

to be honest I'm just jealous I wasn't the #2 UG'r.
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Probably not my best work but ya' know I think it's alright.................

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Probably not my best work but ya' know I think it's alright.................


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This is the first form of claping that I have ever gotten.

*tears of joy*
Epic doodles thread? :S

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Find a dice and assign a number to each girl. Throw the dice.

The number you hope for at the moment you throw the dice, is the one you'll want to keep.
A quick little sketch I did in math, says "Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side."

These are the only two I found scanned on my computer, I have more on my other and a ton more that I haven't scanned yet because my scanner decided not to work.
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CFH82, I love you. I didn't laugh, but my god, I love you.

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Holy shit, that was epic. A mighty roar escapeth'd my mouth.

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I saw a penis.
i painted once...found some paint, some bailey's, and the next morning i found this

painted on a box for a computer
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****in right budday! grunge is the shiite!

didnt read ur post tho so dont know what im agreeing to.

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Good. More centaur pussy for me.

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God bless you GrungeBeatle

more combination of doodles.

Edit: Thats a crack head at the bottom, btw.
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As of now, all I can find on my computer is this.

Blame Pre-Cal, not me.
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You know suicide is just as bad as killing yourself

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Some sketchez. My guitars.

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Today I stole a girls tampons for being such an annoying bitch.


My love for you
Is like a truck
If I had a scanner I'd show you some of my best work.
WOuld camera pics be alright? :s

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Jackal is like 90.

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Buy stock in Viagra. Imma gonna fuck you in the ass.
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why a faun...
everything purple tastes like grape
everything blue tastes like blueberry
everything pink tastes like watermelon
everything red tastes like strawberry
everything orange tastes like orange
everything yellow tastes like lemon
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So now there's seven guys writhing around on the floor, moaning and holding their 'nads.

Ahh, good times.

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yeah right ur on. i challenge you to a beard off.
You want a beard, off?

Then shave, stuipid

I'm not an artist but I like to pretend. Gets me through the day usually.
Whatever happened to sweet Jane?
Behold for the almighty god John Fruisciante

Was done in charcoal and is almost real size. Done for art class.
sim simma

who got the keys to my beema
well i was gonna upload a video of my custom painted halo 3 guitar to something but everything is being gay, and i have no pictures
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you're asking UG for advice on what to do with your life? Prepare to have a career as a fluffer in the porn industry...
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Probably not my best work but ya' know I think it's alright.................


How long did it take you on that mouth?

Looks horrid.
We'd make great pets.
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So I just started sketching again the other day and figured I'd go for it and just try a painting for the first time. So yeah, here you can all laugh at my pathetic attempt at painting

Looks like Slayer album art
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I'm not an artist but I like to pretend. Gets me through the day usually.

so i herd you liek peace
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