I get a ton of Phished websites claiming that my computer is at risk of being attacked by viruses n such. The problem is, when I run a virus scan - ESET NOD32 antivirus/antispyware - nothing comes up. I'm clueless and they're getting very annoying. How can I stop them from occuring?

P.S. If it helps, when the website get's phished, I use the task manager to close the internet without clicking anything else.
I know what you mean. Use AdAware, and all virus scanners, but you've probably done that. Theres these things called HiJack logs, I don't know much about it, and I didnt trust it because you have to post it online and someone will check it and help you. I ended up reimaging my computer. Now I have McAfee which stops it from starting up.
you have been hijacked, download hijack this and run a scan then save the txt document of your results and put them into an online analyzer and see what comes up
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I got something telling me I have virus's on my PC while I was on Myspace.

It itself is a virus, and when it tells you to run a virus scan don't do it. If you get this message just get out of what you are doing and cancel the popup that you get.
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Yeh that happens alot to me here. Every time that comes up, I have to close my computer.
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I must say, props to you, good sir, for using NOD32. Never heard of anyone else that does.
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