hi everyone i have an ibanez flameblue or liquid blue, rg4ex1 in new shape 24jumbo frets shark tooth inlay this is one of the first ones made has vai wizard neck that says ibanez on the neck before they went to the cheaper ones has box it came in
it was my brothers he was killd by a drunk driver just trying to help my mother help pay for things were asking $400 shipped or best offer its a real nice ibanez any help i wdealy appreciate, thanks to all at UG.
oh yes im sorry i do have pics, so if you send me your email i'll send you some i do mot know how to post , thanks much
Shedgirl Just put up some pics (borrow a friends camera if needed) it is alot easier to sell if we can see it. It is just a hassle to do an email.
sorry like i said in prev post i dont know how to post pics? i will see if i can get some one to post them for me i would hate to anyone do extra key board works to send an email forgive me for that, thank you