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So, i just watched this American "bull****" thing (http://www.wimp.com/takecreationsim/) about creationists preaching their religion as if it were science, in order to get schools to teach creationism in the same light as the theory of evolution. They call it "Intelligent Design".

So what does The Pit think of this. Is Creationism a science? What is it?
no. it can be neither proved or disproved and is therefore not a theory, let alone a science.
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No, idiocy doesn't really count as science.

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Anyone saying yes should be permabanned for sheer stupidity.

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It isnt a science, no more than greek mythology is a science
they'd have to scientifically prove were all the result of 2 people,
which sounds like a ton of inbreeding to me and that were all made of clay
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Anyone saying yes should be permabanned for sheer stupidity.

I know this. But after hearing those idiots on that programme they talked too, i needed to hear sense from somewhere
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I don't think there is anything ending with -ism that is considered science or scientific theory.

It is sooo a science.

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