I play currently play a strat, but I want to get into bass. My price range is as much as a basic squier starter package. I like the sound of the p bass. but i have little tiny hands. so i guess the question is how much smaller is the j bass neck than the p bass (is it so much that the playing will suffer) and i am smart enough to test them both out before i buy one, i just want to get an idea of the situation
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Hand size really has bugger all to do with anything. Just try them both. You should easily be able to get around both necks.

Is this really the consensus? I have smaller hands and usually get a lot of cramping and discomfort in my left (fretting) hand when playing on my p-bass, an issue that comes up only very rarely when playing my jazz.

It's not a matter of form; my form has been evaluated and approved by instructors on both basses. I'm always careful to warm up properly and such as well.

All that said, I agree that of course the TS should just try them to see what feels better.
I don't really find there to be THAT much of a difference between the 2 as far as necks go.
I dislike P's for the thicker necks. I have real small hands and it's just not comfortable for me to play them.
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To answer the question, there is a noticable difference between J and P necks, and it is a factor for many players. According to the Squier website, the fingerboard radii are 9.5" for both, but widths at nut are, J: 1.50", P:1.625".
I too have small hands and it was a problem at first but at some time in the first year I stopped noticing it as a problem. You just get stronger and more flexible with practice I guess and I suppose it depends on your playing style. As a guitarist you should be halfway there with strength anyway although you do use slightly different muscles playing bass.

Just try them and have a look at offerings from Peavey and Yamaha too.