Hello all. I would say this IN the sticky, but I'm afraid it wouldn't get read. Lately I've seen a lot of sweeping threads popping up, and I simply wanted to ask everyone to ask their sweeping questions in the sticky as opposed to starting new threads (after reading the sticky of course. That's always the first step). The purpose of the sticky was not only to offer a guide to help people learn the technique, but also to remove the clutter of an inordinate amount of sweeping threads frequently seen in this forum. It's not nearly as bad as it was by any means, but it could be improved (there are 5 sweeping threads in the first 2 pages of the forum). Once again, put sweeping questions in the sweeping sticky please.

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Maybe you shoulda just not made this and said it to the next person who made a sweeping thread....?
There should be a pop-up on the click to AT and MT stating that if you have any questions, you should refer to the sticky.
If you play guitar, please don't waste your time in The Pit, and please instead educate yourself in the Musician Talk forum, where you can be missing out on valuable info.
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