Hey guys i was just wondering where can i buy a good priced electric guitar and a good size amp ? thanks
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i need tips guys not jokes

ok, just fix that. you can get it, as the guy said, o MF. that place as a wide variety of guitars, also, sweetwater.com, americanmusical.com, guitarcenter.com, samash.com, and local guitar stores

also, what genres do youy like? (so we can help you choose a guitar and an amp)

Why not just go for an acoustic? For the money you save on an amp you can get a decent acoustic. It'll be more portable since you don't have to be by an amp to play it, and you'll build your finger strength quicker than you would on an electric.
There's a couple ways to go about it, but first, if you get a chance, put your location into your profile.

If you know an avid guitarist, go with them to a guitar shop that specializes in used stuff. Have him help you out to mainly stay away from crap. I've helped several friends get great deals on nice used stuff.

If you're in New England, I can help point you in the right direction.

Craigslist can also get you decent deals, but again.....either stick with lower priced stuff or preferably, bring someone who knows what they're doing. I got back into guitar playing 15 months ago and have bought a bunch of used guitars to know exactly what I wanted. Finally bought my first new guitar in 40 years. I've been selling off many of the ones I've picked up and since I got them used to begin with, I pretty much break even overall.

There's a ton of differences in guitars and everyone is different in what they like. I can't seem to play a strat without constantly turning the volume down inadvertantly.

Good luck with the search.

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That should get you started.
for help choosing give us a budget
and what you mean by a decent size amp?
i suggest playing guitars in guitar shops finding a sound and feel you like~
then buying it online
look on eBay, you will save lots of money for a guitar with some minor scratches. (amps to)
i saved about $120 dollars on a new guitar from eBay