Hey everyone.
I started a new song today with my friend. Need to do a lot of work on it, mainly re-recording, but let me know what you think!

Listening as type. The intro is pretty chill. Cool reggae vibe. Whoa the vocals are actually pretty good. I dont listen to reggae music very often, but this kinda makes me want to get into it. The guitar solos throughout are cool. I said this to the last guy I critted but if I ever smoked this is the kinda **** I would be listening to haha The distorted guitar around 5:20 is interesting, kinda unexpected. I'm liking the heavier breakdown parts. All in all I really liked it. Had my head bobbing the whole time.

crit mine?
yeah man!
loved it, just the right tune for the mood im in =]

Could sit and get baked to it so its a winner for me


crit mine?
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like getting punched in the face with awesome

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"I am Osiris" at 2.22 i like how it goes "BA-BA-BA-BA---Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba---BA-BA--Ba-Ba-

its badass.