Ok, so I'm just about done with my DIY pedal board and I'm worried about my wah. I have a Vox v847 wah and anyone who owns one knows how difficult it is to engage the wah. The part of my board that my pedals are sitting on is made of 1/2 plywood and would it be safe to put my wah on it and use it? Stupid question, I know but doesnt hurt to ask.
It should be fine. If you find you're having troubles with it consider putting it off boards, it's actually pretty common to do so.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
Try adjusting the switch by loosening the nut and raising the switch then tighten the nut back. That should raise the button to where you don't have to stop down so hard to activate it. It won't effect the frequency range since there is a small amount of leadway unaffected by minor adjustments.