tried posting this in the pit to get more opinions, but apparently the pit is run by 12 yr olds who know nothing about guitar.... sooo

I have a marshall jcm 900 and the tolex on is is pretty beat up and i dont know anywhere close or personally know how to re-tolex and amp..

so the two things im considering doing are

A) paint the tolex to match my orange cabs
B) strip the tolex, sand the wood and stain the finish to a natural looking dark brown

so pit, what should i do... based on looks, difficulty, and cost
I would do the orange tolex if it were me...but I've never done anything like this before.
White tolex would look good. But orange if you're matching it to a cab.
Also consider a plexiglass front and put orange LED's in there. That would be pretty cool.
You can re-tolex it yourself. It shouldnt be very difficult if you're careful.

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i didnt think about white

that would look pretty sweet

i just dont trust myself to doing the job, and i dont know of anyone experienced in the area..

i ended up covering the head with colored duct tape...

as corny and "redneck" as that sounds it actually looks pretty decent. I used a maroon color and it almost looks like a leather or something...
i dont have any close up pictures of it yet, but if you click "check out my band" link there are some live shot of it on there!