Hi everyone

Can anyone recommend me some not really hard, nice pieces for guitar and piano, or for guitar and flute? If it's a guitar and piano piece it'd be great if there was a transcription somewhere too (at least for the piano part), since I'm barely a guitarist and transcribing piano pieces is too much for me (and I'm not sure if the guy who would play piano -or flute- is a good transcriber).

Thanks a lot!

(PS: if it's for classical or electric guitar -not steel-string acoustic guitar- it's a lot better, since I don't have one of those).
Guitar vs Piano

The guitar part may be really hard since your a beginner, but the piano piece is nice

just do a search, I'm sure you can find the music for it somewhere. ^^ (You can find the tablature for the guitar here on UG, and if you know your music theory you can take the painstakingly long time of 'converting it' to sheet for piano)

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If you're a fan of anime or video game music, Time's Scar from Chrono Cross (composed by Yasunori Mitsuda) and Sadness And Sorrow from Naruto would be excellent songs to do. They may require a bit of tampering with, but if played correctly and with emotion, would certainly yield very powerful results.

If it's guitar and flute duets you're after, you can basically take any song that has a simple instrumental backing and have the guitarist play that part, while the flautist takes on the singer's melody. In that way, you can play pretty much anything you like, such as Coldplay, The Fray, Goo Goo Dolls, etc.
brise de coeur by john mclaughlin for piano and guitar
a lotus on irish streams by mahavishnu orchestra for maybe flute and guitar
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Steve and John Hackett play classical guitar and flute on the "Sketches of Satie" album. I'm not sure if there's any sheet music for their specific parts, but you could just find the sheet music of the Satie pieces and work out the rough arrangements yourself.

edit: And the pieces aren't too hard, either, and they sound beautiful of course
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Eric Satie "Gymnopede" is for guitar and flute and is considered "standard repertoire."

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