This is a piece which I came up with a while ago. It consists almost in it entirety of minor triads along with some odd harmonic minor and major-ish stuff. I was listening to Bach when I made it but it doesn't sound a thing like it to me. I still think, however, that it is very Baroque Classical music inspired so I shall label it as such.

Constructive Criticism will be very appreciated.


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you've got some skill, but it really sounded like you were just practicing scales and that made me lose interest way to fast, don't follow the scale note for note, throw changes into it and add more musical sense (Vibrato, Ritard, Accerendo, Accents, Variations in length of notes). By adding more musical "feeling" into this you can really make something really awesome. Keep up the good work though, you're a good player
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def reminds me of some classical music.
sounds good, but like everyone else has said it is just runs. Though they are tight sounding runs.
add some more parts to this, guitar, piano, vocals, whatever, and its going to take on a whole new life. really neat bass part.
Personally I would love to see cello, violin, sax, trombone, and grand piano. yeah. that would be tight.