Ok so ive been playing guitar for about three years now and i have a few questions.

1. When i speedpick i rest my hand on the bridge, is this a problem and if so were should i rest it.

2. Does getting the strap length of the guitar correct fix this "problem"

3. Where should my hand be. Should it rest at all?

the reason i ask is i bought a jackson warrior that has a flyod rose in it and when i put my hand on it to speedpick, it get reacts to it and starts to dive. Did i just buy the wrong guitar, when i played it in the shop it worked fine. Im just sooo confused right now.

thanks a ton

tax [-]
I'd guess that your talking about alternate picking...

Therefore if its diving down you may pushing way to hard on the bridge, but I personally hate floyd rose bridges...to much of a bitch to change tunning as much as I do.

I normally don't rest my hand too much, if your guitar is hanging below your balls then i'll have to say your retarded, and if it's all the way above your belt you can probably play really well, but it gets uncomfortable, the best placement is at high enough to play well and be comfy.

again, I hate floyd roses and don't own one because of that but i was just playing on one of my friends Dimes and I didn't have this issue
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Read this!! Everything you'll ever need to look at regarding resting hand/arm bits on your guitar


Strap length, as far as i'm aware, isn't great for your technique and can cause injuries to wrist, shoulders etc. . However, I don't think raising your strap height will 'fix' the problem of you resting your wrist on the bridge.
sooooo what your saying is that by practicing more, i will stop "anchoring" and this will cease to be a problem?