Anyone have experience between these two? Is the Fulltone worth the extra $135?
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I personally think both are kinda thin. I'd say go for a KR Megavibe or maybe a Sweetsound Mojovibe. If I had to choose, I'd go for the Fulltone though.
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Unless your univibe is the center of your rig, I'd go for the Voodoo Labs. I have one and love it. What most people don't realize is that they have an internal trim pot that can be adjusted to suit different amps more adequately.


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I have owned a Micro Vibe and I now own a Mini Deja-Vibe. If you are only gonna use it for a couple songs. Get the Micro Vibe.

Don't mess with the internal trimpot. Incorrect info was posted about what the trimpot does. Here, Voodoo Labs explains what the trimpot does.

From voodoolabs.com:
What does the Micro Vibe’s internal trimpot do?
There are various forum posts that have incorrectly identified the internal trimpot as a tonal or EQ adjustment. In actual fact, it applies to the oscillation effect which is directly related to the photocells inside. It is carefully set at the factory and was never meant to be adjusted post-production. Attempting to adjust it yourself can result in losing the effect entirely.