c4c. Thanks

If I could remove my thought process
and were able to have it hooked up
inside the head of another being,
I think they'd put a hole in the floor
with such velocity behind their jaw
before they could manage to cut one
out of their skull with old bone saws.
Cause in my mental operations room
There's a television in every size
and a radio of every make and model,
with each on its own obnoxious station
all continually tuning in, and out, and in,
and constantly hovering around me
whatever corner I try to bury myself in,
and no matter how many I manage
to force back into sparks and springs
There's another waiting to replace it
guaranteed, completely free of charge.
But at this point its created other problems
like being overwhelmingly addicted
to spending every shred of my time
internally crobaring mental electronics
while my other hand continues trying
to juggle life, love, and lemonades.
Outside the side box that's outside your sky box.
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