what would you play if the note is a sharp but it the note is an open string
EDIT: I think A# is the note im looking for
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its in a guitar book, my teacher gave me. I would ask him but i dont have a lesson till next week
Where does it say it's an open string? Can you possibly photocopy the page?

I doubt it would be an alternate tuning UP. Or in a guitar book for that matter.
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strange, ive never heard of that before. you must be lookin at a different tuning or someting. maybe c#?
it's probably a capo, a spring-loaded "extra finger" that clips onto the neck at any fret and bars all the strings.. they're like 5 bucks for a cheap one, 15 bucks for a decent one.... then there's really expensive ones, but they're a great thing to have, especially if you sing and play a lot, as you can change the key of things without relearning anything
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