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How does your musical taste differ from your family members taste in music?

I'm curious to see how similiar or different The Pit's taste in music is compared to their parents, siblings, etc.

My dad introduced me to most of the bands I listen to right now. My little brother and sisters don't listen to any music, my older brother has a similar but more modern taste in music, and my mom likes Abba.
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Mine is mainly metal and experimental stuff.
Sister is mainly pop punk stuff.
Parents are classic rock I like some of my dads stuff.
My mom listens to pop and whatever, my dad listens to classic rock, and my sister listens to metalcore and deathcore.

I listen to punk and alternative, so yeah, all different.
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most like mainstream hip hop and dad listens to spanish music
im trying to brainwash my lil brother into being a rocker.
no1 else is a metalhead like me though but atleast my unrelated uncle likes classic rock
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Mom listens to country, Dad listens to blues, Brother listens to Rap and Reggae, Sister listens to anything, I like Rock/Metal/Ska.
My cousins love metal, my aunt likes ACDC and Airbourne, My mom listens to stuff from Shania Twain to Slipknot. My dad listens to metallica, megadeth, slayer and Children of Bodom. Strangely enough none of them introduced me to metal
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My mom likes Chinese music and old pop primarily. My dad likes stuff like Eric Clapton and classic rock. He likes what my mom likes too. My brother is into hip hop and electronica.

I like metal and the stuff my parents like, excluding the Chinese music.
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My sister mostly likes Christian Rock, my parent don't really listen to music, and I'm the only one who listens to metal, besides my brother, who listens to a lot a rap, though he did like some In Flames and Dethklok I gave him.
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my dad got me into classic rock then i returned the favor by getting him into grunge

This. Though my pops music range varies greatly. He turned me on to alot of old country and weird music from the 50s,60s and 70s. And when I say weird, I mean it. I, in return, showed him Nirvana, Soundgarden, STP, Pearl Jam and all them great 90s bands. I think my tastes rule, they are pretty wide just like my pops and I can listen to almost anything except most current hip hop artists and that screaming ****. I like metal, just not screaming bull****. My brothers like just a skim of what I like and have their own thing going on. My moms tastes blow.
My dad likes older country, classic rock, and Porcupine Tree. My mom likes praise music, gay 80s music, Dream Theater, and Porcupine Tree. My brother likes most of the music I like other than some of the black metal, and he likes a bunch of emo and metalcore crap. My one sister likes Hannah Montana, Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, other sister likes Yani, Enya, Nightwish, and some folk metal, and my two youngest sisters don't really listen to music. I like metal, especially black metal and prog death, and I also like some prog rock.
my dad and I both listn to pretty much the same things... queens of the stone age, RHCP, white stripes, classic rock etc...
i mostly listen to metal, punk, ska, classic rock, modern rock, reggae, and rap/hip hop.

my dad mostly listens to classic rock and hair metal.

my mom mostly listens to country.

my sister mostly listens to rap/hip hop.

my brother mostly listens to rap/hip hop and a little modern rock and pop punk.
My mother literally likes everything. I listen to Meshugga and Nile with her sometimes. My brother is one of my jam buddies, so he likes all the same music as me (except classical lmao) and my sister likes deathcore and metalcore (**** yeah, btw). Idk about my older brothers though.
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My tastes are pretty similar to my mother's, believe it or not - we both love metal. The rest of my family I haven't seen since I was an infant, so I don't know.
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i'm a fan of blues, pearl jam type grunge, satch type stuff, ect.
my dad is pretty much the same
my brother likes alternative, modern-ish stuff
my mom is just a music nazi...
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Sister likes Hip-Hop and Reggaeton.
Dad likes Banda/Chunti/Norteño and some classic rock.
Mom likes 80's pop.
I listen to Metal(Death, Thrash, Prog) and classic rock. I think my mom gives me that weird look when she walks into my room and I'm listening to Death.
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Im Metal/punk/altenative/classic rock.
My brothers are the same but replace metal with techno.
Dads all about the soft rock. Mums into 90s female pop and Abba.
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Twin Brother-Pop Rock/some Awesome that I throw at him
Sister-Pop/Acoustic/some Awesome that I throw at her
Mom-whatever my sister listens to/what's on the radio
Dad-Classic Rock
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My mother, prefers Christian music and pop..... My sister prefers pop and rap... My brother prefers Rap.... And I prefer Metal/Rock in general. We have A LOT in common...
Dad introduced me to alot of Metal, primarily Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth, and alot of classic rock, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Fog Hat, Ted Nugent. My sister likes pop/rap and my mom is a huge Abba junkie
Totally read the title of the thread as musical testes. My bro listens to what I listen to , my older sis likes her RnB and hip hop but doesn't mind when I play my tunes (and digs Weezer). My pops likes Air Supply and Journey and Ben E King and shtuff like that. Mom loves 70's rock. I like pretty much everything - metal, punk, reggae, alt. rock, folk, grunge, classical - seriously if its good stuff I've got an open mind
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My sisters like the top 40 on the radio, Mylie Cyrus, The Jonas Brothers, Taylor Swift, Rihanna.
My mom likes stuff like Tom Petty, Boston, Bob Seger, and DLR's Van Halen. The only music she likes that I really listen to a lot of is stuff like Brand New and Taking Back Sunday.
My dad.....He likes old outlaw country like Ray Wylie Hubbard, Billy Joe Shaver, Jerry Jeff Walker, and new(er) outlaw country like Todd Snider, Robert Earl Keen, Steve Earl and The Felice Brothers. He likes classic rock anywhere from Little Feat to The Rolling Stones to The Velvet Underground. He likes a lot of 90s music like Pearl Jam, RATM, Everclear, and some new stuff like Eagles of Death Metal and The Killers. Hell, he even likes to listen to a couple of songs by Immortal Technique and NWA.
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My dad introduced me to most of the bands I listen to right now. My little brother and sisters don't listen to any music, my older brother has a similar but more modern taste in music, and my mom likes Abba.

This mostly. Just tweaked a bit.

My dad likes and loves the Smiths, the Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen, AC-DC, B-52's, Van Morrison, Led Zep, Cat Stevens, Leo Kottke, Elton John, Pink Floyd, Tom Petty and the Heart Breakers, Kate Bush, Fleetwood Mac, The Clash, Bruce Springsteen, Primus, Blondie.

Not my top artists, but all good ones.

My mom likes soft music and worship music.

I mean I'm Christian but I can't stand the music.
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Country, rap, and acoustic rock. Thats what we listen to. Then when I'm alone I play I listen to Aesop Rock and Metalcore, hardcore, or whatever else.

and Taylor Swift
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my Mom worships Eric Clapton also she like BB King, Bruce Springsteen, SRV and Janis Joplin
my Dad is into Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, as well as everything my mom is into
my Brother and I are very similar in musical taste we both really like classic rock and early metal as well as some modern metal
my Sister is 9 years old, so he is into all the "Disney Rock" **** that is going on i am trying to fix that though, so far not going very well
Me- Metal, Blues and Jazz on occasion. Metal most of the time.
Mum- I've seriously no idea
Dad- Some rock guys and I believe some music from Africa
I listen to mostly metal, plus classical stuff if I want to relax. My sister listens to classic rock and some hard rock. My dad listens to classical stuff, jazz, and blues. My mum listens to everything that came out after the 80s.
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i am the only rocklistener in my family, everyone else listens to rap or country
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My dad is really old-school, but I we've both introduced each other to music so it's cool. He hated disco and other **** in the 70s so he didn't listen to any music in the 70s so I've introduced him to Pink Floyd and other bands like that. He has influenced me with Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, The Who, that kind of stuff.

My brother and I like some of the same stuff, like Muse, Tool, and the Deftones.

And basically my mom listens to Elton John, Abba, soundtracks from musicals and ****e like that. Sister listens to average new pop crap that's new.
My parents and little brother listen asian music, my older brother listens to trance, my sisters listen to eletro, dance, indie, pop and jazz and i listen to prog/melodic/thrash/glam/heavy metal...etc, trance, techno, rap/r&b, pop, country, classical and japanese music.
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My dad was a punk and a reggae fan. He went to see Bob Marley when he wasn't even famous. He has seen The Stranglers, The Ramones, The Sex Pistols and The Clash. He even used to go drinkin with Black Sabbath and Judas Priest when he lived in Birmingham.
My mum likes Motown. Nuff said.
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I listen to classic rock, and modern rock, my brother is into these newer alternative bands, my dad introduced me to iron maiden and metallica, my mom is totally 80's, and my sister, which I am not 100% sure we are actually genetically related, listens to Rap....unbeleivable...RAP! Seriously?!
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Im Metal/Punk/Alt Rock
My mom likes weird pop stuff
my step dad likes blues and some alt rock
my older bro likes rap
my little bro likes what my mom likes
and my real dad likes country
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My brother listens to rap, RnB, drum n bass etc. Mum loves Queen, Pink Floyd, ELO. Dad likes pretty much anything. I listen to metal mostly but enjoy punk, classical, jazz too.
Mum: No specific taste. Likes good music most of the time.
Dad: Loves Pink Floyd and other 70's rock bands.
Brother: Same as me mostly (except my taste is marginally better).
Sister: Pop/dance.
I like so many kinds of music i can't even count them all, and my whole family is pretty much the same- it's just the range of stuff.

for example, the only genres I really don't like are Hip-hop and pop, and even then there's one or two exceptions.

my gran is somewhat more specific- she doesn't like anything sung in an american-ish accent.
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