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What song are you learning on whatever instrument you play and how challenging has it been?
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I am currently making a medley of every song ever created

Somehow its Very very easy to play on guitar

Edit: Im just learning random chord songs to get better at rhythm

Almost finished learning Better man

Just gotta learn to sing it....

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im learning around 7 right now maybe more, yes more
everything purple tastes like grape
everything blue tastes like blueberry
everything pink tastes like watermelon
everything red tastes like strawberry
everything orange tastes like orange
everything yellow tastes like lemon
iv been going back and forth between fade to black by metallica and psycosocial by slipknot, both on guitar. im excluding the solos from both cause im still not very good. fade to black has been a little challenging, but not terrible. psycosocial is just about getting the timing right, and doing pinch harmonics on command.
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Something I wrote, actually. (Check my sig for some details)

you might wanna sing it note for note, dont worry, be happy
everything purple tastes like grape
everything blue tastes like blueberry
everything pink tastes like watermelon
everything red tastes like strawberry
everything orange tastes like orange
everything yellow tastes like lemon
Children Of Bodom - Kissing The Shadows

s*its hard
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1. Death
2. Children Of Bodom
3. Metallica
4. Megadeth
5. Pantera
6. Cannibal Corpse
ive been trying to get drifting by andy mckee. its very hard at the moment
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I'm working on Karnivool's "Themata," "Roquefort," and "Fear of the Sky."

Roquefort isn't hard, and fear of the sky isn't bad. But the runs and trills in the beginning of Themata are giving me sh*t.

It's because, although I've been playing for years, I've never worked on any type of lead playing until now.

Really had fun nailing Tool's "Jiambi" though.

Oh, and these are on guitar.
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its very hard at the moment

practicing the crazy train solo and the number of the beast intro riff
learning the rest of peace sells and finishing the outro for jump in the fire
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i've been working on some jazz tunes for the after school jazz band. jazz progressions are a bitch to get used to
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march of the SOD-SOD
both on guitar
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Whole Lotta Love- I have the rhythm down (it's beyond easy, anyone can play that) but now I'm working on memorizing the little solos. I have a terrible memory, so this is quite the feat. I'm also trying to pick out the end solos to Souled Out!!! by Conor Oberst and the Mystic Valley Band. Nothing too tough, but I'm lazy.

On bass I'm working on some really hard crap from my professor's fake book. I think there's some Charlie Parker in there. I should be practicing this stuff, but I'm not.

On Ukulele I'm working on some Buddy Holly, but that's more the singing that I need to get down, not the playing. I'm also working out some Postal Service tunes on there too.
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I've been in a classical mood recently. Not easy stuff...
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on bass:

salute to kareem by RHCP
hysteria by muse (perfecting for talent show)
94 hours by As I lay Dying (also for talent show)
Dialogue With the Stars by In Flames. Pretty hard, considering it's the second song I've ever played.

Edit: Also Swamphell by Kalmah on the keyboard.
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Every Nofx song ever written. Im about 3/4 through starting from the first album. Its my 09 project. Not challenging at all, just tough to remember 300+ songs.
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Crazy Train and Scream, aim, fire both on guitar, really the only challenging parts for me on crazy train are the chorus fills, and scream aim fire is not to challengeing just sweeping in the solo
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midnight - joe satriani
fade to black - metallica
snow - rhcp
reptilia - the strokes
blackbird - the beatles

i didnt know
can you elaborate
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I dont really learn stuff on guitar anymore, but I am trying to play Moonlight Sonata on piano (I love that song )

Call me Patrick! My username sucks anyway
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I dont really learn stuff on guitar anymore, but I am trying to play Moonlight Sonata on piano (I love that song )

My sister's playing that now. Awesome song.

Also, off topic, chris88kolate, are you aware that your username has nazi undertones?
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The Pot - Tool

on bass. Pretty easy once I got that ****ing rhythm down. I don't even want to know how the **** he came up with it.
I'm mainly writing stuff right now but I'm re-learning Layla unplugged because I forgot it. And I recently learned Hurt by Johnny Cash.
Four On Six by Wes Montgomery, the Smokin' At The Half Note version. I'm roughly half way through the solo at about 85% speed.
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im learning dont fear the reaper on the cowbell

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Is it sad or amazing that I get this reference?
Kirisute Gomen by Trivium.
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Animate-Inanimate by John Petrucci right now, bah, stupid solos are driving me insane >.<
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