Is it okay if our guitarist (which makes up all the songs) uses the same chords or power chords in almost everysong?

E |-----------|
B |-0-5-4-4-5-|
B |-0-5-4-----|

and also what key is this in? :P
If he somehow manages to make the songs sound different, or if they're really good but almost exactly the same (à la AC/DC). For most people, no, it'll make for really monotonous material.
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Is it okay? I didn't know there was a judge on this sort of thing. It'll probably be o.k. as it's not like it'll make your amp explode or something, but it probably won't be o.k. if you ever want people to listen to your music without exploding...
I mean its not bad persay, if your looking for everything to sound the same-ish

Thats where you need a lead guitarist over top adding the flair and the hooks

they are very pop punk style chords
Entire genres have been made out of 3 chords. So, yeah.

Apparently Lightning Hopkins who played guitar his whole life used E and a little bit of A.
Welcome to rock music.
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It's fine. Remember, your songs uniqueness isn't in the chords. It's in the melody your singer sings or in the melody your lead guitarist leads.
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