i have an elk tube amp(princeton clone), this amp needs new power tubes and it uses 7189 tubes, would i be able to substitue this rare and hard to find 7189's for EL84'S?
it should work if it's a 7189. if it's a 7189A it probably wont due to different pinouts if i'm not mistaken.
i'm sure there'll be a change in voltage. i think the 7189's are rated higher than el84's voltage-wise. the only perfect replacement would be hunting down those rare and hard to find 7189's.
would i have to modify the amp in anyway put el84 in it.........i jsut found about el84m tubes how about those?
i dont think you'll need to mod the amp in any way to add the tubes. the el84m should work well as a replacement for the 7189.