I have a challenge for you.

The challenge is quite simple:
Complete the entire game without using the Sphere Grid.

This only includes the storyline. It is impossible to defeat the Dark Aeons, as well as most of the Monster Arena bosses.

You MAY customise weapons/armour.
You MAY use Spheres in Rikku's "Mix" Overdrive.
You MAY NOT move or activate a SINGLE node on the Sphere Grid.

"That's impossible!"
Far from it. I'm already up to fighting Seymour Naetus at Bevelle with 16 hours gameplay.

The basic idea of fighting in this No Sphere Grid (NSG) game, is Rikku's "Mix" Overdrive. This is far more useful than your Aeons.

Should you accept this challenge, head on over here for a guide to the NSG game.

Have Fun!
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