I want to sing while playing my guitar. Do I just need to buy a PA amp and plug a mic into it or is there more than that? A link to where I could buy a starter mic package would be great too.
If you just wanna sing by yourself and play guitar, you wont need a PA or anything, unless you crank your amp up ridiculously loud.

And if you start playing gigs, the venue will have a PA
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So if I buy a mic can I just plug it into my guitar amp along with my guitar and it will work?

As I said, unless you have your guitar cranked you'll be able to hear yourself sing over your amp.

And I don't think using a guitar amp for both a mic and a guitar would work, it'd probably **** something up.
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You could get by using a guitar amp to sing through, but a vocal PA would work a lot better.
Most guitar amps (in fact nearly all of them) can't have two instruments plugged in at once.

Like others have said, if you're just playing by yourself in your room then you don't need a mic of any kind anyway.

If you ever did need a mic, such as for gigs, then you need to gt a mic, a mic stand and a mic PA which in turn would probably be linked up to the house PA (or depending on the venue, your mic might just go straight to the house PA).
However if you were anywhere near ready to be playing and singing at the same time in front of a booked venue then you shouldn't be asking questions like these on here in the first place. The very fact you don't know if you can plug a mic and a guitar into one guitar amplifier says to me that you are almost certainly still learning how to play in your bedroom, so in that instance I would say don't bother with a microphone at all, there's no need for one.
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Sing into a mic plugged into a PA.
Plug your guitar into an amplifier.

If you have an acoustic amplifier you can plug in both at once though.
I take it your singing for a band?
In which case you will need some kind volume.
Most guitar amps will be damaged by vocals,but get a old cheapo guitar amp and plug in a cheapo computer mic,brooms/mops whatever for a mic stand.You don't really need a P.A for garage practice.
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You'll need a PA amp, a microphone, a mic stand, and possibly a seperate pre-amp, depending upon the PA.
And not all venues have their own PA systems. I've seen quite a few that aren't rigged for microphones because they expect people to bring their own ****.
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You'll need a either an acoustic amp or a pa setup to sing through. I use a Traynor TVM10 amp for around the house and it works great.2 channels so the mic into 1 and the guitar into the other if i want. BTW, it's lithum battery powered and with batteries in the pedals I can take the rig outside and gig for 16 hours on a charge.Peavey has a mic/stand package that's not bad.