The morning sun rises up
It's the beginning of a new day
And as I look up, I can see you lookin' at me
But you don't hear the words I say...

You never really wondered why we were here
You never really sat down to think...
I wanna tell ya a little suttin I once heard...
Bout how every ship will sink...

You never really understood what I was sayin'
But now I suspect you see it quite clear
It's been awhile since I seen yr lovely face
To be precise, it's nearly been a year

But now we are here
And I'll spit ou
None of this matters
in yr blank eyes

I don't know who you are
Don't know who you will be
But never again
Can you count on me...

I say never again
Can you count on me...
The times they are a changin'.....
It's got something goin, though I would hafta say some of the colloquial language kills the mood,
Also, you made the same mistake I make most of the time,
It's too general, there's no real specificity in this, which makes it a little harder to connect to what you're saying,

I liked the imagery of the first stanza,
personally, I think you should try and carry that throughout the entire piece