As the title says, I need to find a cheap strap that looks like the white one in this picture:

I'd get that one, but it's $45. I just need a cheap one that looks like that to match my guitar. Feel doesn't matter, material doesn't matter. As long as it holds up a guitar and doesn't break instantly. Thanks!

no clue you could always make it?
go to your local stores or ebay and look there
maybe just get it? for 45 it must be a quality strap
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Why don't you get a different guitar to match the strap you already have?

Just playing, It's just a strap. Those ones kinda look like painted leather belts. Maybe buy a long leather belt and a sewing kit?
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OK, I'll either make it or just buy a cheapy one. The reason they're so expensive is because they're handsewn leather. Thanks guys!

I have that exact strap for my Airline. It's really really firm. I've been trying to soften it up for a while, but it's not easy. The one thing I like about it is the fact that it's leather on top but nylon (is that it?) on the bottom, so it doesn't stick to your t-shirt when you move around. Just go get a simple ernie ball strap, and don't worry so much about copying JW.
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lol if I wanted to copy Jack White I would've gotten an Eastwood guitar. I didn't know he used those straps, though? Does he use a real vintage one or this one made by Eastwood? Anyway, they look cool. And the reason I'm not getting one is because there's no use in wasting $45 for a strip of leather that I hang my guitar off of.

That strap was made to replicate the one he uses. Doesn't it say that in the description anymore? It did when I bought mine. His is some old strap that he found somewhere, and then Eastwood realized how many people were buying their Airlines to be like Jack and they decided to make a strap as well. I'm not gonna lie, I bought both.
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Lol but you gotta admit that they both look awesome. I for one would buy both even if Jack White didn't use them. It sorta ruins it that he does, because now if I ever got one, it'd look like I'd just did it to copy Jack.