The tuners on my OLP mm2 arent all that great, what are some good replacements that arent too expensive.
Hipshot, Schaller, Grover are all reasonably generic tuners, availble on websites such as allparts.co.uk that will probably do the job. Bona fide Stingrays use Schallers I think.
Are most tuners a standard size? and I can just get a set of inline (4) and just reverse the gear one for the 1st string? (for schaller that is) What tuners do the olp's use?
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anyone know what size and what tuners are in the olps? just generic ones?
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Surely you could remove the machine head and measure the diameter of the hole in the wood.

And really this is the only way to ensure you are buying the right sized tuners. Don't always trust what you read out there on the internet.

If you want to get close to the MM look, get some Schaller BMs. I know Warmouth sells them as does Allparts and I think Stewart MacDonald.
How long do guitars/basses stay in tune with "good" tuners? I just want to know if it is worth the upgrade?
My Cort Action, which for a cheap bass has absurdly good tuners, largely stays in tune for months. I dropped it to D-Standard when I went to the States for 3 months, came back, and it was still in tune. Dont ask me why.

My Stingrays, which I will use as a point of reference, also held their tuning, as in, they were only a couple of tweaks of the peg away from in tune after three months.