I have a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. I got it about a month ago from the Guitar Center, it was used, but I didn't find anything wrong with it when I first got it. But lately when I have it on the clean setting, it sounds overdriven even though the volume is only on 3 and the drive was turned all the way down. And just the other day it got really quiet, and I had to turn it up to 6 just to get a good volume from it, then it goes back to normal outta no where but still sounds overdriven. Both the bassist and other guitarist in my band say something is wrong with it. The other guitarist in my band also uses a Hot Rod Deluxe and he's never had this problem, but he got his amp new. And I've never dropped it or turned it up past 3 (except when the volume crapped out), or anything like that. I know there's something wrong with my amp but I have no idea how to fix it, I'm thinking that I might just need new tubes for it, but I don't know.

What's wrong with my amp?
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Toobz! Replace'em power amp specifically. They're dying from the sound of your post.
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could be a bunch of things wrong with it...tubes are a good first suspect. Esp being used, replace them so you know what you have. If that doiesn't work, take it to a tech.

I recommend JJs across the board for that amp.
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