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I've decided to get myself a Gibson les paul because I just love it.
Ive been slaving for the past 3 months full time for the dough ...

My choices were originally either the 2008 les paul standard or an older standard (probably 2005-2007) with 60's slim neck.
But then i checked out the prices and i thought the 2008 standard in canada is like 2900 bucks...why not get a Gibson custom for only a few hundred more.

What do you guys think?? which les paul should I get.
If I do decide to go for a custom, it'll most likely be a 1960 VOS or reissue (slim neck I like).

Last thing, whats the difference between a reissue and a VOS (vintage original spec).

THank you ALL!
..like, A Gibson Custom Shop VOS Les Paul Custom?

1. Go with that one.
2. Excellent choice.
3. A hearty "fuck you," sir.

Also, yeah, this probably would be better off in EG.
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Get an Ibanez.

Also, electric guitar forum.
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and for the guy that said Ibanez...I will in the future because those guitars are SICK
get one of the new schecter les paul style guitars with blackouts and tonepros 25 1/2 inch scale maple cap ebony fretboard 24 frets thru body...all out win
Don't get a Gibson, their product has gotten worse while the price has raised.

If you really want a Les Paul, stick with Epiphone and maybe up grade the pickups. I love my Epiphone Les Paul which I just upgraded actually.

And if you wish, I suggest acmeguitarworks.com or something like that, they make completely solderless kits that are pretty easy to install.
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Get a nice ESP Eclipse. Gibsons are extremely overrated.
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