take a ruler and measure in cm from your index to your pinky, coz guitarists would probably be around 16-20cm span.
17cm now we should measure dick size so i dont feel as small!
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21 cm and I'm a shorter fella... I doubt the average is 16-20 for men. 22-28 is much more likely.
i got fifteen and that was stretching really hard. My entire handspan (thumb to pinky) is only 20cm
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22.5cm, which is rediculous for me. I have huge hands except my pinky, which is tiny.
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15cm if I really really stretch. 13.5cm for a comfortable stretch.
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I dont know how to measure in cm or inches or anything else but I used to have a 7 fret span from 1st fret. Now its only 5 frets. Thats how I measure my span!!

EDIT: 19cm index to pinky
I'm only 5'10"...but I have really long, skinny fingers.
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I reached about 19-20cm, and I have long skinny fingers.. the people saying they can reach 22 and over cm's.. how tall are you guys? Im 6'1, i'd imagine anyone who had hands that much bigger than mine would have to be pretty big
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19cm between fingers.

I'm 5'11 and i've got massive palms, but really short fingers. My palms are 4 and 3 1/4 inches wide at the widest point, but my little fingers' only about 2 inches long.
15 cm

i hate not being able to stretch further, been playing about 3 years and don't think i'll ever manage anymore. beginning to cause some issues when wanting to play some things!