First off, just want to say if this should be in some sort of "Strings" section instead of acoustic, i apologize and i'll leave it to the mods to move the post where it needs to be, didn't mean to step on anyones toes.

Okay, so i bought my Takamine G440C at a pawn shop and the guy at the pawn shop told me that i should NOT under any circumstances put Ernie Ball Super Slinky's on it, and instead (after asking me what i played, and me telling him just about everything) he recommended Zakk Wylde's signature acoustic strings, and that's what i've had on them so far.

Well here's my deal, i play the blues, rock, and classic rock. I LOVE adding in bends to my playing, and with these Zakk Wylde strings bending is near impossible for me.

The guy in the shop told me the reason i shouldnt put the Ernie Ball's on is because they've had a whole bunch of people bringing in Stratacoustic's whose bridge's had been literally TORN OFF the guitar, apparently due to Ernie Ball Strings.

My question is, can i use my super slinkys on my Takamine (i don't understand why i cant, says electric or acoustic on the little pink package) and if not, then what kind of easy bending strings can i put on it??
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Sounds to me like he had a financial interest in ZW!

I am using James How's 'RotoSounds light 11-52's', which were £6 ($10), and in standard tuning (EADGBE) - I can bend a good quarter inch either way on the 12th fret - no sign of any probs.

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Correct me if I'm wrong but Ernie Ball Super Slinky are electric guitar strings. I don't know of any hybrid strings that work for both acoustic and electric. Ernie Ball do now make acoustic strings and maybe thats what he was referring to?

As for the original question, what gauge string did you have and what guage did he give you?