Hi, to all out there
A drummer by profession, I am seeking some guidance in further developing my career. I have established myself well enough as a drummer and earn enough to fend for myself and pay my bills. What I need is some kind of publicity on the internet, wherein I can promote myself and get hired by other musician as well. How do I get to the next level? How do I go about this?
my guess is you'd have a better chance of using YouTube to promote yourself. not many people will use ultimate-guitar.com while searching out a drummer.
now if you were a guitarist, this would be the perfect place.

but that's just my thougts on it.
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erm.. maybe start a website? upload vids to youtube, as suggested above?

the new member's forum is for asking questions about how the site and forums work, maybe try the bandleading forum or musicians talk for any further questions? however keep in mind this is a site for guitarists, not drummers, so you may have trouble getting the help you seek here.
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