Ok, I when playing a song I can just sort of feel when the next note is coming up and have a natural sense of timing..however I know nothing at all about drums and would like to know how to keep time by listening to them. Yes I know how to use a metronome and sub divide beats.

What do I listen for?

Also when you learn a song do you look at a section and be like "Ok this is repeated 4 times, then the chorus is twice, and then the pre solo for 2 bars, etc?"

On the songs I will be learning soon they aren't to hard for me technically because I've improved alot but another issue I have is memorizing what to play and when..so I get lost there too. What do you guys do?
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I just started learning full songs and I realized I have to listen to the song gajillions of times to get certain parts down and by then you know the song structure like the back of your hand
For the drums question, I really can't give you much in the way of description I'm sorry My housemate is a drummer so I just asked him to play a few basic 4/4 drum beats and got the hang of it, then when he got a bit more creative I picked it up. Honestly, if you have the basic idea about timing/rythm you should be ok.

I usually know the song I'm learning pretty well to start out with which helps because I play a lot of the music/songs I like to listen to. Normally I 'build' the pieces like the verse or chorus (breaking it up into small pieces, linking to the next piece, slowly bringing it up to speed etc.) and then all I need to really remember is the order of things (play the verse, then the chorus twice etc.).

If you're having trouble with the knowing what the play next part I'd recommend writing down the structure to work from (verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge/solo, chorus etc.) If you've learnt the pieces individually well enough the remembering what to play next part should be pretty easy to figure out
Try learning how to count the rhythm to the drum beat. The basic rock beat (and most others in 4/4 time) will have the bass drum on the 1st and 3rd beat, and the snare on the 2nd and 4th beat, or vice versa.

If you're having trouble with that, an easier way would be to just 'feel' the rhythm of the drum beat and tap your foot to it, creating your own metronome.

To answer your last question, I find it more difficult to learn a song by memorising how many times to play each part. I prefer listening to the song over and over again until I can just play it back in my mind. If you do that, you'll find that you won't have to remember how many times to play it, you'll just know.

Edit: ^Which is what BedTime just said.
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Just go with the feel. Trying to count can be difficult at times especially when you're playing. Anitcipating when a part is coming up can screw you up too. I do the same thing when learning covers. Listen to dozens of times until I have it memorized and then go with the groove.