Im looking for that truly metal tone that my Valveking just does not deliver all that well eventhough I have a hellraiser. Right now Im looking at a sansamp GT2 and their California pedal. Any experience or thoughts on them would be appreciated along with any suggestions of other products. Cleans would def be a plus but that metal tone (i.e. dual rectifier,6505+) is what im really looking for
i have no idea about the sansamp, but definitely look at the two examples you gave for the metal tone. i don't care if they're too expensive right now. you don't want to spend money on an amp that isn't as good if you're just going to buy the nice one later anyway.

also, go used. look on craigslist or ebay. i got my peavey 5150 (a $1200 amp, the same as the 6505 in all but name), for $500 off of craigslist.
you could try getting a metal muff and running it through your amps clean channel.
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