Quick question: I read somewhere that, when attaching a bolt-on neck, you should intend to 'sandwich' the neck plate and neck together with the body in between, i.e. there shouldn't be too much resistance when you screw the screws into the body, only when you screw them into the neck. This is supposed to make the body and neck have better contact with each other by not forcing the wood together.

I don't know if what I just wrote was bull**** or not. Can someone give me their 2 cents on it?
...excuse me? Do you think you can restate that, somehow?

Cause I think that it's saying that there shouldn't be any resistance with the body, which isn't true. You want as much friction as possible so everything can be tight. If the holes for the body are too loose, you'll have a loose neck.
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you do not want your neck screws to thread INTO the holes in the body, only in the neck, it will increase the pull of the neck onto the neck pocket.

Yeah this is what I was trying to get at. Just making sure I'm on the right track here, cheers
Yeah + 1 you only want the screws pulling on the neck not the body at all, measure the out side of the thread at the widest point of the screw and drill/widen the holes acordingly

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