Hey guys this is just a quick question about this tab Drive by Incubus at UG:


The chord at the end of the first verse with fingers on the 5th frets on the 2nd 4th and 6th strings. Should the strings in between be open or are they finger muted? I've played it both ways and they both sound do-able so I'm just wondering if they maybe left out the 0's or if it's actually played like that.

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Either way is fine since the open strings are the exact same notes as the ones being fretted. If you play it that way the cord is more likely to sound more powerful since the notes are being doubled.
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yeah, play it with the opens. I can't say for sure what the author intended but i think it sounds much better with em, so i do it.
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Great thanks guys, I'm really getting this one down.

Edit: I also play that 0-3 combination as a 0h3. It's easier and sounds good to me and just kinda stuck.
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