Finally I wrote something with my limited amount of music theory knowledge. A simple chord progression song in A minor. No lyrics yet, my friends are working on it. It track 4 Untitled in my profile. Please have a listen and leave a comment.
Its decent...sounds a bit like 3 Doors Down...that's not a bad thing...it would help a lot if you had some really good vocal melodies on top of it for it to sound real good...It has potential...
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Sounds pretty darn good to me Have you got an idea for the melodies for the lyrics or are you waiting to see what your friends come up with?
No, vocal part is gonna be all up to them. I gonna have to re-do the whole thing, some parts doesnt line up quite right. And I'm thinking about adding a little lead guitar there and there.
Tightened up the bass playing, everything seems to be line up, thinking of adding a solo part at the clean guitar break down or whatever in the middle, or come up with a different progression instead of playing the main riff, what you guys think?? also some lyrics or vocal idea would be awesome.
Nice, yeah reminded me of 3 doors down too.

A solo would be great, don't try to go too fast though! (wouldn't suit the song)

Yeah you should start the solo at 1:54. And then at 2:57 put some lingering notes as an outro-ish thing.

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Thanks to Demon's input, I added a solo section and a sort of ending section. But still not even an idea of lyric yet
meh don't worry about lyrics unless you have a singer lined up or you're singer :P

Upload the version with the solo? I really wanna hear the awesomeness.
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I'm in need of a guy
Solo is nice man, there's a couple of notes that sounded off but I'm no theory expert so I can't say what they were.

The outro is awesome!
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I'm in need of a guy