Seriously now, am I being a tight-ass by not wanting to pay more than $500 for what is effectively a one-channel amp with no effects loop and little headroom?

A guy in my area is strapped for cash and selling his DRRI for $600, and while I love this amp, I think it's over priced as all hell. Should I be worried about missing out on a deal and take it at his price, or stick to my guns, wait it out, and hope he settles for $500?

IMO, in this economy, taking it off his hands for $500 might be doing him a favor. I don't really need an amp right now, but this is one of a few I've been looking at and I'm sitting on a nice wad of cash due to extra scholarship monies (this is, btw, a legal way to spend the money, I've checked!) and a nice new job.

Certainly sounds nice as hell, though.

So what are your thoughts?
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Over here it costs like 1500$ new...
You're getting a good deal


It's 1200$ new, in the USA aswell.
Be happy with your offer here, mate.
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you;re getting it for about half of what it sells for new, they usually sell for like $800 used.
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