What i need a delay for:
That spacey warm sound in many metal solos
Most Incubus songs [since my band is basically an Incubus cover band]

So would you recommend the Tech 21 delay?
Or do you think a Boss DD whatever would do the trick?

Thing is at my retailer the DD# costs almost the same as this.
So when i [eventually] buy a delay which should i get?

Also, has anyone heard of the Beta Aivin Digital Delay (DD-200)

It has most/all the features of the DD-7 (Boss) and costs a good bit less.

Worth considering?
I thought the Tech21 Boost D.L.A. was quite good actually. However if I were you, I would hold out for the tap tempo version that they just put up on their website recently.
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Mike from Incubus is a Boss pedal *****, so I'd go with a Boss Digital Delay. And that Tech 21 pedal seemed pretty bright on the repeats for me.
I'm being won over by the lower price of the Beta aivin...

The salesmen at 2 separate shops told me they were better than the Bosses as far as value for money goes (Boss delays are more expensive here) so if i do decide on this delay, i could get both my od and a new delay really soon.

So any word on the Beta Aivins?
I would stick with Boss. Beta Alvin stuff has pretty poor build quality, and generally mediocre effects from my experience. I tend to lump them in with Behringer, maybe one step up.


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