I'm looking for an acoustic amp under $500 with chorus, reverb and AUX in.

Any recommandation on this ?


PS : do "tube" acoustic amps exist ? I couldn't find any...
are you using it just for guitars? or are you also into vocals?

because i've got a few acoustic amps and i'm moving over towards PA systems.

acoustics sound really nice thru most pa systems.
and they are so useful when you're playing out or in a band.

most times, you can use EG tube amps for acoustics, tho you wont find AUX in, chorus , reverb.

my roland chorus 60 is very nice. i bought it because it's so light at 12lbs.
and honestly takes care of your list.

most guys consider SRW amps to be the best in acoustic amps. i cant disagree. they sound great. they're just big and cost a bunch.

but again i really suggest you also look at small PA systems.
new and used.

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a guy i know has an old crate acoustic amp. it's gorgeous... it has spring reverb, great chorus, and an AUX in. i'm not sure what model it is though... but it's brown if that helps!
Fender makes a dual input acoustic amp in a variety of sizes that has

Multiple Channels
Each have their own FX deal and a blend pot for the FX
Sounds pretty good

www.myspace.com/jordanweller All of that was recorded with an SM57 shoved in front of his Fender 30 watt acoustic amp
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you know, I have an amp I play my acoustic through. It's just a fender bassman- have you tried looking at other amps that aren't just meant for acoustics??

Yes I tried to play my acoustic through a Fender Vibrolux once, it sounded well, I mean it's a vibrolux after all... But It was more like a very clean, crisp strat sound than a true acoustic sound... Maybe I'm gonna follow the advice of jj1565 and looking for some PA systems...