I've seen these HARLEY BENTON G412S VINTAGE cabs on Thomann


Im looking for a cab thats cheap but with good speakers.

I cant find accurate reviews on the web for this and i only got one opinion from a guy on youtube who liked his.

what do you guys think.

I have a buget of £300/$500

I play metal in the style of disturbed and machinehead but with creed thrown in for good measure.

I live in england so Avatar are out of the question unfortunalty as they look cool

Used is an option but really id like to be able to get it asap and not wait for the bargin to come along.
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Harley Benton Vintage cabs are fine, I have the 2x12 model.
Decent build quality for the price.
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I went with the Framus 2x12 V30 instead. I don't the Harley build quality.
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since youre from the UK you might want to check out JamesGale's post in the gear ads section. Hes selling a Marshall 1936 2x12 cab which comes loaded with G12-75s

I think hes selling at 100+postage (around 15)

Hes a great trader so you might as well