I suck when it comes to technical guitar knowledge, so here's a simple question to refresh my memory. The "standard" electric guitar string measurements are the 10-46 or 9-42 ones, right?

I have no idea what acoustic guitar strings are the norm, however. I guess I'm just lucky that my acoustic guitar strings haven't snapped yet. Uh-oh! Touch wood!
for electric the standard is usuallyy 10-46, acoustic its usually 12-52
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I use 11's on my acoustic as I like that tight feel, as opposed to 9's or 10's on electric.
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extra light 8's
*****normal rang for electirc****
super light 9's
light 10's
medium 11's
*****normal rang for electirc****
heavy 12's
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I thought the standard for electric was 9-42?

At least as far as I know, most Floyd Roses use 9-42s. I personally use 9-42s, I just like them a lot.
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