I'd love to fuse to things I love, building things and playing guitar.
So, I'm setting out to make my own electric guitar.
The only area I have no clue in is what type of wood should I be using for the body, fretboard, neck, etc.
I'd like to get something that would resonate nicely and whatnot, or does the wood effect much at all?
Electronics are my forte, not this ><
Wood, depends on what you like. Alder, mahogany and basswood are always good choices for body. Maple/walnut are sort of popular for necks, maple or rosewood for fretboard.
It's not a shame to order something ready tho, I myself bought the fretboard for the telecaster I am building...
You could use Mahagony or ash for the body. Maple or mahagony for the neck. If you wanted to do something different I like Paduke. The frettboard could be ebony, rosewood, or maple. I have been makeing ukulele's out of cigar boxes.
I recommend you don't make a solid mahogany body, or, if you choose to, don't make it to deep as it makes the guitar almost impossible to hold on stage for more then 15min and the sustain is unbearable. I made this mistake for the first guitar I made. If you really like the sound of a mahogany body though, you can get around many of these problems by making the body ultra-thin, using alternating layers of mahogany and a less dense wood such as ash (time consuming but they compliment each other well), or, the best but by far the most complicated option, make the body semi-hollow.

Good luck!