well i bought a mexican fender a couple of months ago and im about to match it up with a new amp now that makes it a bit more justice than my current one.

Ive been looking at the vox vt (15 watt model since i dont need bigger).. anyone have any experience of it?

I like to play like stevie ray vaughan, rory gallagher and that kind of sound, but also dire straits and david gilmour stuff.. so is it a decent one? I wouldnt like to pay more than the vt is, its around how much i can spend.

thanks in advance
If that is all you can spend, the VT is pretty much the way to go. There are other nice modeling combos, too, but for those sounds, VT amps are the best imo (for what they cost, anyway).

Some people might suggest an Epiphone Valve Junior combo, but I think the only thing they do halfway well are clean sounds. If you want good overdrive sounds from a VJ, you need a good overdrive pedal. I'd rather have a VT.
If you are very lucky, you can find a used Blackheart Little Giant for the price of a new VT, which is a cool little tube amp for low- to mid-gain sounds. It's not as versatile as a VT on it's own, but it takes pedals well, so you can get a lot of different sounds out of it if you buy a pedal or two later on.