I started working on violining volume swells last night. It's a cool sound I can use in some of the stuff I play. Can't get them to sound just right though.

I have a volume pedal and am using that instead of the volume pot. It seems like some delay and maybe some light overdrive makes it sound better. It seems like they sound better with a neck humbucker too. And then vibrato on whatever note is being picked. My delay pedal is a Marshall Echohead and I was using the analog setting, but not sure if that is the best choice.

Any technique tips to make the violining sound better, or any advice on effects? Thanks
Might wanna check what Yngwie uses. He makes his guitar sound like a violin quite often.
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Tim Reynolds = the master of the violin technique.

Watch some Dave Matthews Live at Radio city stuff.

But yeah, he just uses a volume pedal and his acoustic...

Good ****...
Check out Phil Keaggy, he is a master at violining. Theres a video of him using an ebow but in that same video I think he does some violining without it and it sounds freaking AWESOME!

Also try this to spice up your swells (if you havent tried it already):

Play a bend with the volume on zero and de-bend the note as the volume is swelling, itll kinda sound like a slide going down the neck except no attack on the notes, it sounds really good IMO. Also try the same thing the other way around, Raise the volume while bending a note upwards.

Also practice swelling quarter notes in a measure to better your technique and timing (it also sounds cool) its a way to get a rhythim going without actual attack.

Hope that helped, happy swelling!
Quote by hunter33
E-bow is the first thing that comes to mind, but I want to be able to get this tone without one.

Here are a couple examples of what I want to learn to do:



In both these examples they are using the volume pot. I'm using a volume pedal.

those two take too long to bring the volume up.
the first uses too much distortion, the second hasn't that good technique.

you should definitely look into malmsteen. no1 does it better than him. or at least used to be that way. he's getting too lazy.