I have been playing for 10 years but have never been able to get the B string to sound in my bar chords. Could it be related to the anatomy of my index finger?

Is there some percentage of guitarists who are physically unable to get the B string to sound? I have tried all sorts of techniques and pushing extra hard to no avail. Should I just give up?
Never give up. I don't think it's physically impossible to do so.
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I used to get that, I thought it was because my fingers are too bony (they look like the hands of a witch in an old Disney movie).

Turns out most guitarists kind of roll their finger to bar the chord, so try using the side of your finger, rather than just flat.
nooo never..it could be something simple. maybe ur fingers are short..baring with the side of your finger might do it. just keep brain storming
staying calm and relaxed and meditat on it awhile. (sorry for the spelling)
ya never know when u just might have a break thro and relax how simple it was and how dumb u was for not thinking of that LOL.

i think that usally the simplest way is the right way. good luck!!

maybe if u give more details on your technique it might help others when trying to help resolve your problem..or atleast find it
Where do you put your thumb? Is the guitar's action low enough?
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Whenever im having trouble with a bar chord (and im assuming its a 6th string root), i just bar the two top strings with my index, fret the root note with my thumb, and keep the other fingers where theyre at, and it helps if u want to make all the strings ring clearly.
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Quote by Lurcher
Where do you put your thumb? Is the guitar's action low enough?

I have thumb right behind the fretboard. The action on my acoustic is a little high and strings feel very tight ( haven't changed them in over a year ). I just ordered some new light strings, so hopefully that will help things !

I can get the bar chord on my electric, just the acoustic one I have problems with..