So I've decided to venture into the blues, but I'm not really sure where to start. If you guys could recomend me some easy/medium difficulty blues songs that sort of encapsulate the genre that'd be awesome.

BTW, I'm not totally sure if this is the right forum. If not, let me know, I shall relocate.
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A lot of blues songs are the same, really. No offense bluesmen

I'd go for a C, F and G chord, combined with a blues pentatonic scale.
That should be the basics I think.
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"Sunshine of your love" by Cream is a good song. It's pretty easy. It's got a good riff. And nice bluesy solo that's based off the vocal line from "blue moon" It's also good for practicing improvising.
boom boom by john lee hooker is a good one to get you into slides and pentatonic pattern shifts
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Blues is always based of a I-IV-V, so really they're all easy.
The only difference is the rhythm and the key.
If you can figure that out, you can play any blues song.