Hi guy's, newby to this forum. just purchased a used fender strat with no serial number of any sort under the neck heel, or nothing stamped in the neck pocket of the body.

However, it does have the serial number stamped on the neckplate, which i guess could be purchased from anywhere, it starts E 4, which might sugest a japanese model.

It also dont have any serial number on the headstock, but has little bits of fender hardware like saddles etc.

Original pickups have been removed and raplaced with hotrail style pickups ( dont know which brand)..

I have a feeling it's nothing more than a frankenstein monster, but it seems to play fine, feels like the real deal, but since i'm just new to fender, i would like some advice on what to check for authenticity..
Pictures please of the front and back of headstock, the plate you mentioned and general pictures of the entire guitar. Highest quality you can get so we can see clearly.
hmm, Does it say Fender on the headstock? I'm no Fender expert at all, In fact, I used to think they were ugly and to popular, but now my thoughts have changed.

Try searching the whole serial number on Google, as you didn't include it all in your post.
This might be better put in GB&A(Gear Building&Accsesories)

It could be someone elses frankenstrat, That woud be okay, I guess. Also, check what the body is made of.
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How much did you pay for it?
Do you know if it's made in America or Japan?

It's probably legit, but I got these when I searched the serial number:

"Your guitar was made at the
Fuji-gen Plant (for Fender Japan), Japan
in the Year(s): 1984 - 1987 "


"Your guitar was made at the
Fullerton or Corona Plant (Fender), USA
in the Year(s): 1984 - 1988"

So, it's iffy.
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sorry guy's, pictures above are not so good, i will try again later, thanks for the responses.
I paid £150.00 u.k money for it, so i gues that's around $300.00 u.s, maybe a bit less.

So it's no great loss if it's fake.

I also purchased a mexican tele recently, and the strat feels a lot better in all departments, you can feel some real build quality under your fingers while playing it.

Incidently, i bought it from a flea market in England, it also came with a hard case.
i'm going to guess it's fake.

where'd you get it? wha did they say as to where it was made?

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i'm going to guess it's fake.

where'd you get it? wha did they say as to where it was made?

The woman on the stall told me she just works there and does'nt own the stall, i really just took a gamble with it, she phoned the owner and i could'nt really make out what he was saying amidst the noise from the busy market, so i just bought the thing.

If it is fake, then so be it.