Im looking at getting a seven string and i wanted one with a whammy so i decided on this one. Is it worth the money or is there a better one with a whammy? If i didnt want the whammy i'd get a schecter but i like to whammy is there a better guitar? Or better yet a same quality but cheaper guitar? This one is stretching my budget =(
i'm not a huge ibanez fan either, but their following on here is overwhelming

however, i think i remember hearing something about their tremelo system having troubles?
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Do you much experience with a tremelo like that? If not i think your going to have a difficult time with it... The lower end ibanez seem to be cheaply built in my opinion.
Ive heard that too, so i was debating just saying screw the whammy and get a Schecter. I Love the basses so the guitars should be great quality like the basses =]
It's a great guitar all around, best bang for the buck with those specs. But you'll probably end up changing the pickups as they're not the best thing since sliced bread.

Go for it.
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Luckily im headed to guitar center today after school so ima try out a couple of thier 7 strings, if im lucky they might have this

My dream would be the 7 string razorback, iwouldnt care of the quality, i played one and loved it but my budget is nowhere near there as i just spent a good deal of money on my bass cabinet.